Engagement Session

Engagement Session

There are so many reasons why an engagement session is worth doing. First off, during the session you'll become more comfortable being in front of my lens. We'll become friends! You'll have so much fun and realize that the portrait session on your wedding day will be something to really look forward to! For you camera-shy people, you'll certainly become more at ease with being photographed on your wedding day.

So Many Benefits

After the session you'll have some wonderful benefits too: When you receive your images you'll see yourself in a way you've never seen before. You'll say 'wow, I can't believe how good we look!" You'll have incredible photos of the two of you before you were married...enough of the cell phone snap shots; you deserve gorgeous, professional-quality photos that you'll cherish forever.

And At Your Wedding...

You can decorate your reception tables or the gift table with framed images from your engagement session. Another great opportunity is to have me design a beautiful guest sign book using your favorite engagement photos. I'll design plenty of blank space around your photos to leave enough room for your guests to sign their love notes. After the wedding you have a beautiful keepsake to enjoy.
Another idea is to place an enlargement of your favorite engagement photo inside a large mat, and your guests can sign all around it. After the wedding, swap out the matted image with one of your favorites from your wedding day, place it inside the frame and hang in your home. For sure, you'll enjoy looking back at your engagement photos and remembering what a great time you had that day. When I show up to your wedding you'll feel like we're old friends!