When you order your wedding album from me, you can rest assured you’ll receive a beautiful album of archival quality, meant to become a family heirloom. You have several choices for your album cover material, so you can choose something that matches your personal style. From an elegant premium-grade padded leather, to a modern acrylic photo cover, to a stylish book cloth fabric cover; your album will reflect your unique style.  Your wedding album will have a ‘lay-flat’ binding, which means large images will beautifully span across both pages since there is virtually no gutter between the pages.  Everyone views photos digitally on screens, but we have so many photos that they become difficult to archive, and they easily get lost in digital space.  There’s something extra special about having a physical album of your favorite wedding photos.  This timeless and tactile medium has a different feeling and such a meaningful viewing experience.  Leave your album out  on the coffee table when friends and family visit, and share your special day.  Let’s talk about the exciting options for your wedding album.

Premium Leather Cover


Modern Acrylic Image Cover

Book Cloth Fabric Cover

Guest Sign Book of Engagement Photos